What I Do.

What I Do.

Ma ( (間)

Here’s a foreword:

Some of this is about art and personal experience of emotions, thoughts, interactions, and other abstract validations of reality. Some of this is about science. Research embedded explorations into the cutting edge tools of plant biology. The rest documents an evolving expansion of overlap between the arts and sciences. It is not my intention to fulfill the escapist tendencies of technology as entertainment, nor the unsupported banter of an overly emotional blogger. My intention is to manifest tools and deliberate observations of the trades for use as meaningful integrations into the intensities and oftentimes uncomfortable facets of existences.

At the top of the inverted triangle rests a broad examination into the generalities of obvious comparisons between art and science. From here, it funnels non-linearly, yet methodically into a cross-examinations of highly specialized fields of plant biology, technology, and design. The method of documentation explores psychological and scientifically embedded factors of cause and effect through experiments in the form of projects and research.

My aspirations do not encompass a single objective. They encompass a thirst for expression, exploration, and sustainability. My intention is to articulate the a priori assumptions about human nature and interactions with, as, or for the environment.


Two years ago, I travelled to several art-saturated cities throughout the U.S. to sit down and talk with a variety of well-known artists about how to incorporate art into a career. The guidance I received derived from questions like: How can I be better? How can I make my art functional or meaningful? And how can I reach desires beyond those satisfied by scrolling instagram?

I was encouraged to take advantage of technology’s emergence within the arts. This led me on a quest in search of an environment that would endorse creative approaches that use and develop modern technology. A place that provided enough room for experimental pursuits. This led me to the Design School at NCSU.

I want to integrate the human experience of art and the natural world into an interactive design through traditional knowledge acquired from fine arts and tools from industrial science.

A Self Portrait

My objective is to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to thoroughly explore my interests, the overlap of these interests, and innovative ways to act on this convergence. I want to approach technological inventions from a new perspective.

I want to be challenged. I want my mind to be flooded with new information every day. I want to be able to experiment with completely original designs. I want criticism I can trust and act on.

I haven’t formulated a fully developed map of what it is, exactly, that I plan on creating. There isn’t yet a job description for what I want to do, but innovation tends to proceed Webster’s Dictionary.

I know my work will somehow intertwine technology, nature, and emotional expression into a device that advances the human condition. I want to be impelled to use art as a tool to ask new questions. I’m searching for a niché where art, technology, and natural science figuratively and literally cross-pollinate.

The arts are approaching a new era. A new media.

Hold My Melons

I want my art to finally carry more weight than just a scenic piece of material. I want my art to move beyond the confines of vision. I want to connect with senses beyond the physical. I want to affect the integral mechanisms of society by using and designing its constantly-evolving technology.

I believe art should not resign itself to being a passive ornamentation of some superior object. It needs to stimulate deeper reactions than fleeting emotion. I envision my work actively propelling progress across the diverse spheres of the human condition. I want to produce art that carries a momentum not yet known by man. I want to do more than just create. I seek to invent.

Art connects. It’s the only bridge between islands of thought.


It’s more than a form of expression. Art and design has the ability to embody expression as a means of engagement and action. This ability is what I’m after. My objectives are to create connections beyond the condition of thought. To harvest a compilation of forces that inspire one past observance. I seek to produce forces that inspire one into action.

She (me) Had Wings

So here’s a quick summary about this site:

  • Why public?
    • All web material is up for grabs whether intentional or not. Open-source is the new fashion of the web. The new world of art and media will become a conglomerated mutant of useless garbage unless more intention is put behind the organization of sources and promotions. It is so important that artists in this age practice clean trails of references and open-source material or the web could potentially face a disturbing monopolization of information.
  • Topics?
    • An unedited analysis of my artistic pursuit in this weird in-between of traditional and technological art.
    • A raw confession of emotions that might serve as a device for feeling better about your own artistic decisions and consequences thereof.
    • A transition into the scary world of computers and humans talking to cell phones.
    • Guidance for emerging artists confused about the constantly evolving tools of technology, where to begin, how to persist, and paths to take.
  • Who do I wish to connect with?
    • researchers
    • artists
    • technologists
    • plants

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