What is 3D Bioprinting?

The Components 3D bioprinting can be grouped into three main stages: the preparation of bionks, the printing process itself, and the crosslinking of the cells into the scaffold material after the print is made. Bioinks 3D bioprinting begins with the material that is being bioprinted. In extrusion-based bioprinting, this material is known as the bioink

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Divide & Conquer

: Michael F. Schwartz, Rachel Peters, Aitch M. Hunt, Abdul-Khaliq AbdulMatin, Lisa Van den Broeck & Rosangela Sozzani (2021) Divide and Conquer: The Initiation
and Proliferation of Meristems, Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences, 40:2, 147-156, DOI:

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Narrative & Art-Making Through Digital Interfaces

Research explorations for this proposal arose from the intention of working with interactive projections mapped to various surfaces and structures resembling those of botanical origin. Ideally, these projections will be rendered in real-time and pertain directly to a deeply personal interaction between the spectator and the sculptures. The animations will be driven by various forms

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A Multidisciplinary Analysis of Green-Bioprinting Methods & Design Principles

Plant biofabrication can be defined as the construction of materials from or with that of plants or plant-derived products (Groll et al., 2016). The recent and expansive emergence of biofabrication is largely due to its broad scale of application and relevance to important trades such as medicine and industrial design. The continuation of advancement in this field requires a cross-examination of the principles of design to enhance process and production of biofabrication as a utility for various applications. This paper will focus on the 3D bioprinting techniques of green- bioprinting, the additive measures and development of components needed to run these processes, and the integrations of design methodologies to initiate an improved interdisciplinary approach to process and products of biofabrication.

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Technology & Change

For those who have ever been to therapy and talked about “healthy relationships”, society’s relationship to technology is evidently not of that category. In a world defined by the inescapable influx of info, fear has emerged as the state of “not knowing”.  Excuses for not knowing are becoming less, and so to be without data

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Lava Love

Lava Love is an interactive bedside lamp designed to provide comical relief in these difficult times. The underlying concept is a hybrid between video chat technology, a lamp, and blobby projections of loved ones. Enjoy!

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More Than A Screensaver

Multiple forms of projection art are beginning to set foot into the art scene, but not without a ton of baggage. This form of art consists mostly of computer-generated scenes, animated by external input, or driven by live control panels such as midi devices or OSC. A common term associated with the art form is

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Proprietary Protection of Genetically Modified Plants for Economic & Societal Advancement

The practice of plant biotechnology dates back to several thousand years ago when people inadvertently altered the genomic layout of plant species through the selection of desirable traits in organisms such as yeasts and bacteria (Agrios, 2005). Recent advancements in plant biotechnology such as CRISPR and genetically modified plants have given rise to new methods

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