Art ≠ Design

My initiation into the design process was not pleasant. The transition from an independently driven traditional art background to a collaborative series of design thinking processes is analogous to Shakespeare learning how to DJ an electronic set for a bunch of millennials at a music festival. The first encounter began with a presentation on why

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Thumb Suckers

At the start of my first semester at NCSU’s Design School I was battling expectations, reality, and doubt. I entered my first studio and immediately felt a blanket of lead drape around my insides. I stuck out like a sore thumb surrounded by the freshly sucked thumbs of infants. The class was the first studio

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Trapped in Tradition

Five months, two mental breaks, and an aching heart later, I was ready to expand my creative thirst past the moldy walls of UNC-Chapel HIll’s Art Department. I had fallen into a crevice where I had remained, unscathed for years. Consuming just enough to get by. But it was time now. The sunlight called to

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Life Isn’t Still

To summarize the path that has brought me here: 2015 UNC-Chapel Hill: Premed –> Journalism School –> Fine Arts 2017: Dropped out –> Became a stripper –> Drove to Mount Shasta, CA to become certified as a Wilderness EMT Summer of 2018 NYAA –> Fine Arts 2018 NC State –> Art&Design study 2019 NC State

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What I Do.

Here’s a foreword: Some of this is about art and personal experience of emotions, thoughts, interactions, and other abstract validations of reality. Some of this is about science. Research embedded explorations into the cutting edge tools of plant biology. The rest documents an evolving expansion of overlap between the arts and sciences. It is not

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