गणेश की मदद करो।

गणेश की मदद करो।

This altar of Ganesh was inspired by a time period in which I felt rather lost. Ganesh is the Hindu god of wisdom and learning. This abstracted form is made of plaster and spray paint. The altar is symbolic of a quest towards exploration of the self.

Ganesh is placed on the highest level to indicate respect. The “stone” cups are my offerings. They overflow to mimic my desperate search for truth.

The candle stands for dissatisfaction, which arises from possessing desires. The flame of the candle represents one’s desires. A blown out flame signifies a cessation of dissatisfaction, Nirvana.

When lit, the flames produce dancing shadows. The effect is a reminder to stay light and energetic.

The candle also represents impermanence, because it will eventually melt away, like most stages of life.

The mirror on top is broken to remind the viewer to let go of their ego.

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