Artist Work

A Self Portrait

“My Self Portrait” is a 30 x 22.5” piece made of ink and acrylic. The concept behind this gruesome self-image is to expose the uncomfortable topic of mental disorders. I made it extremely large with the intention to almost “force” the viewer to see the image, and feel some type of intense emotion about it.

A Six Word Story…

Interactive animatic made in Adobe Animate with HTML script.


Animation built using Maya and Adobe AfterEffects.

गणेश की मदद करो।

This altar of Ganesh was inspired by a time period in which I felt rather lost. Ganesh is the Hindu god of wisdom and learning. This abstracted form is made of plaster and spray paint. The altar is symbolic of a quest towards exploration of the self. Ganesh is placed on the highest level to

Bubble Breath

Oil on canvas.


Featuring XYLEM

Death, Time, Doomsday

Oil on canvas.

Drippy Licks

Escaping Samsara

Goats in the Sky.

This piece involves an imaginative species of a goat and its kin hiking up a mountain. The dialogue between the goats represents the transformation one goes through as they age. The mountain is modeled after Mount Matterhorn. The proportion of the goats to the mountain is distorted to emphasize their existence. The process of creating